A 9 Week Life Altering Journey

Contextually, the journey begins the moment the participants say yes! 

Saying yes to PILY is saying yes to their own happiness, emotional freedom, and the life they dream of.

Logistically, The PILY PROJECT  begins with a 2 day weekend workshop where participants, ranging from 12-18 years old, get inspired with instruction on inner and outer beauty, wellness, finances and personal development --the critical information that we desperately need to operate responsibly, happily, and successfully in the world-things that we do not learn in school. 

Participants leave the workshop excited and empowered about what is now possible for them based on the life they want to create. 

Mentorship, Integration and Next Level Leadership

This is then followed up by a 2 month mentor program where they will have a weekly touch base call with a mentor, to support them in accomplishing a goal that gets them lit up-this could range from enrolling in college, to graduating high school, to getting a healthy relationship, having a breakthrough in their relationship with their family or friends, finding freedom of self-expression, coming out, or even creating a savings plan. 

The PILY project family provides the tools and support for these accomplishments which will bring a whole new level of understanding about themselves and their lives the understanding and confidence that this community needs to thrive.


December 2nd and 3rd, 2017

New York, NY

***If you know a youth or would like to find out more information on volunteering and/or supporting, please email THEPILYPROJECT@GMAIL.COM



Our founder Jacob has often been referred to as a phoenix. Growing up in an extremely repressive environment where he was taught that who he authentically is, as a gay man, is innately wrong, he was forced to hide his identity for his own well-being, out of fear of the repercussions. He went through years of self-doubt and depression. 

Thoughts of suicide, drug and heavy alcohol use, and a lack of self-love were present and impacted his thoughts, actions and relationships. However, he knew there was something more out there- a life, a calling, he could not ignore. 

"Burning" that inauthentic image to the ground, and rising from the ashes, he picked up his life, leaving everything and everyone he knew behind to pursue a life of truth, freedom and love, and like a phoenix, to truly fly and let his spirit soar. 

Now, a successful businessman and artist, having cleaned up his past, he has deep familial relationships and meaningful friendships. 

Jacob knows that the journey doesn't have to be as difficult for everyone as it was for him, and has immersed himself in learning and self-development to blaze the path and set the example for the future generations. Creating the space and drawing a community together to offer the structure and tools necessary for others to experience a powerful, beautiful, connected and abundant existence for others.

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